Recent Challenges I have faced recently

I wish I can get a great new phone soon and not break it for a while. I wish those phones get a bit cheaper. 

Recently I have faced an huge challenge in front of me. Las Friday, I dropped my phone and now it is broken. You would think that when phone falls down and crash on the ground, the problem that would occur is the front glassed screen will break. But my phone was broken differently. My phone's screen was not really crashed but the power from the falling has damaged the inner system (circuit) for touch screen, display, and even the fingerprint recognition. So the alarm part of the higher part of the screen works, and I can hear music by plugging in the earphone and pressing'play' witch can be controlled by earphone.

Because I have been using that phone for about 2 years and a half, I am thinking about changing a phone. I am using Galaxy S3 mini, and it is too small for me because I have been using a way much bigger phone (Galaxy Note 4). I am thinking about changing into a new Galaxy s8 plus or an Iphone 7 plus. Because of that, I am searching and comparing prices over Apple and Samsung and shops and even overseas delivery.

Apple unveils iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus amid Samsung woesGalaxy S8 super plus - \\\\(^..^)//