Recent News and My Reaction
Kim Jung Nam

Few days ago, I read the news headline about Kim Jung Nam the North Korea’s president’s brother was murdered. As soon as I read the news headline, I thought it was going to be about democratic country’s armies murdering him. But when I finish reading the news, I knewed that my thought was wrong.

Following to the news, Kim Jung Nam was in Malaysia. But at the airport, 2 womens sprayed poison to him and ran away. They said it only took few seconds to finish it. After, Kim Jung Nam felt pain in his eyes and started to get dizzy. He went to the hospital at the airport but after he died. After the Malaysian police captured both women and their nationality was Vietnam and one in a different country.  But the prediction of the countries and the netizens were that both women are from North Korea and they murdered him because the president told them to do it.

The evidence of these predictions is because the poison they used is well known for North Korea making a farm about the poison to collect them and Kim Jung Nam’s place in the North Korea’s government. This could affect North Korea’s president and cause many unexpected situations for him. But North Korea says not and says that South Korea did it because of diplomacy between South Korea and Malaysia.

I wish the truth will be given out to the world and I wish killing a family because of their own profit doesn’t happen again.