Watching a movie, describe it in a detail and my own opinion on it

     Today, I watched a movie called 'Who Am I'. This movie is in German, and it is directed by Baran bo Odar. It's full name is Who Am I - No System is safe. Like it's title, this movie is about hacking. It is 1 hour 46 minutes long.

      The beginning of the movie starts with a boy called Benjamin witch is currently getting bullied by the society. Because of his environment, He starts to play with the computer and suddenly could be able to hack sites and use 'Zero Network' (Dark Web) and meets his role model MRX. As the story continues, he meets his friends and make a hacking group called CLAY (Clowns Laughing At You) and starts to show their powers to the society by hacking groups all over the world.

     Their reasons to hack is because to get noticed by his roll model MRX. But MRX treats them as a baby hacker and CLAY makes a plan to hack the BND to show their power more strongly to them. But, it goes wrong by Benjamin' s mistake and Benjamin got chased by the Russian Cyber Mafia.

     I highly recommend this movie to everyone over 15. This movie has a bit of parent guided (PG) level of its thing. There are 2 really un-thoughtful reversal story, and it is good enough to be surprised. There is a link below to see the official trailer.
I hope you enjoy !.
Who Am I - No system is safe official trailer URL